Radiation is one of the most interesting phenomena we encounter while exploring outer space. Space radiation has a vastly different composition and is much more intense than its terrestrial equivalent. Not only must we protect our astronauts and spacecraft against its harmful effects, it also helps us understand our universe and how it formed! That is why we want to learn as much as possible about the space radiation environment.

At SpaceRad Laboratory, we focus on the characterization of radiation environments aboard spacecraft exploring various parts of our solar system — for example on the International Space Station in orbit around Earth or aboard rovers on the lunar surface.


Space radiation is the most important thing we must understand before missions to Mars are possible.

Prof. Ulrich Walter, former German astronaut

And so, if we want to be space farers, then radiation is just a fact of life. […] there’s many ways that radiation can hurt us, but it is one thing that we absolutely have to solve.

Dr. Mike Barratt, NASA astronaut

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